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    "The importance of home should never be underestimated. House is where starting and end daily. It can be where we collect our things and also our thoughts, where we connect with those closest to us and locate getting rid of the exterior. Property is besides a roof covering over our heads, it becomes an integral a part of our everyday life." Candace Rohrick

    Candace carries a background in communications and design. Over time she’s got honed her skills in marketing while having a keen eye for properties with potential. Her education in journalism and interior planning in addition to over 25 years or so staring at the Vancouver market has enabled her to make available her clients an extensive property experience.

    Candace holds a fundamental belief that the need for home should not be underestimated. It is where we start by getting our day, end our day, raise our families, celebrate and recharge. House is an integral part of our way of life.

    Candace is incredibly passionate about home; she loves cooking, decorating and entertaining. She also loves traveling, hiking a nearby mountains as well as frequenting Vancouver’s many shops and restaurants.

    Candace Rohrick – Port Moody Realtor®

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